Billie. Photo copyright Jim Doty Jr.
Billie checking an IV. Photo © Jim Doty, Jr.

Some people impress you immediately with a wonderful combination of compassion and competence. It’s nice to find that combination. It isn’t that hard to find people that have one or the other, and, unfortunately, to find people with neither.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately with family and friends in hospitals and medical offices. Today I was privileged to observe a hospital nurse in several interactions with several patients. One of those interactions was a potentially testy situation (a patient with wishes counter to the doctor’s orders) which she handled with tact and grace.

She is quick to respond. One patient complained that she was too hot (the room itself was pleasant). In a few minutes the nurse was back with a fan (apparently a rare commodity around here). Billie was pleasant with everyone, gentle, efficient and cheerful (and tolerated me and my camera). I suspect she would be a bit embarassed to read all of this. She is obviously compassionate and goes about her work with skill and professionalism. Such people are a joy!

As someone once said “May their tribe increase!”

Bille washing a patient's face. Photo copyright Jim doty, Jr.
Washing a patient’s face. Photo © Jim Doty, Jr. The photos that appear with this post are with Billie’s permission but she did not know what the contents of this post would be.


Four of us were watching “Lost in Translation”. At the end of the movie, Bob whispers in Charlotte’s ear. We re-ran the DVD but we were unable to figure out what Bob was saying. Curiosity led to an internet search which turned up the script and we now know what Bob said. Even better, we found hundreds of other movie scripts.

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