The Light Side of the Force

If you have seen the original (and wonderful) Stars Wars trilogy, you will remember the classic line “Come over to the Dark Side.” Well, I did the opposite. I came over to the Light Side.

My office computer, really a quite respectable machine, is a PC running Windows XP and the usual Microsoft office suite. It is important in terms of compatibility with my office co-workers. I really don’t have anything against Gates, Inc. Some of my favorite software is only available in a PC-Windows version. Whenever my computer and/or software run amok, my son Jared (who is also my computer guru) comes along and fixes things. Jared’s desktop is a PC running Windows XP.

I go on a lot of trips and Jared decided I needed a small computer for saving all of the digital photos I take when I am on the road. The need for traveling as light as possible for an upcoming trip to Tahiti emphasized this need. After discussing the possibilities, he recommended an Apple iBook. I have now been using a 12 inch iBook for the last few weeks. WOW! I have come over to the light side of the force. How do I know? My PC is black (well, a very dark gray), and the iBook is white. Pretty clear, just like in 1950’s westerns when the good guys wore white hats (or Darth Vader in black and Obi-Wan in white).

It was pretty strange at first. Different operating system. No right-click. Different layout. Different software. But as I get used to it, I really do like it. And it fires up so much faster than the Windows machine. In a lot of ways, I like it better. No wonder Mac-addicts are like they are.

So – will I leave PC Windows computers behind? No. I will still do my digital slide shows on SmoothShow, and use some of the other PC-only software that I am quite fond of. But I have seen the light. I sure do like to use the iBook. It will be great for travel, downloading and reviewing photos, and burning them to CD. Jared is spoiling me. He steared me right with excellent advice once again.

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