I found these lines in the middle of an odd review of a heated mattress pad at Amazon.com. Without further comment, here is the full review (with the ex’s last name removed).

“This product is so awesome!!! I bought this because I get cold very easy. I have Scandinavian blood in me and yet I get seasick and cold easy so I would have been a horrible Viking! But with this mattress pad, I am toasty warm come winter. It has an auto shut off, and has 20 different temperature settings from Low to 20. I find that on 5 it’s quite warm and can’t imagine going up to 15+ unless I lived in Minnesota (in which case I still wouldn’t be a Viking, but would get to see them!…football joke). So if you buy this you will get something that keeps you warm, is safe, adjustable, easy to clean (I do simply put it in the wash and dryer…whatever), and something that for the last 3 years has been working very very well for me. Also, while this review is only me writing, I would love to rustle up some ex-girlfriends who could also attest to how wonderful this product is. In fact I originally bought this product for my ex Shoko Y_____ because she got cold even more easily than me and I wanted her to be happy…of course she left me later…I guess it takes more than a warm mattress pad to make a relationship work…things she apparently didn’t have: like commitment, love in her heart, self-esteem, good communication, etc… Anyway, I wouldn’t suggest dating her, but I would highly suggest buying the mattress pad! Good luck people of the world staying warm! Also, I sometimes take it for granted, but this product requires 120 volt electricity, which is not included! So if you live in the “developing world” you pretty much won’t want to spend the difference on this product and I would suggest a normal mattress pad for your queen sized beds, maybe a pillow top and still save money, which I figure is good advice because you probably don’t have very much anyway. Take care all, and those in the first world, once again, I highly suggest this product!!


The original review is here.

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